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Offices located at Lake Tahoe, in Incline Village, Nevada and Reno, Nevada.  Our gravel pit is located in Churchill County on US50 between Fallon and Silver Springs, Nevada.  Click on the Lahontan button above to view the Lahontan property web page. 

Our Mission

JNT, inc. strives to provide quality construction aggregates and development potential while providing a safe and enjoyable workplace for our employees.

Company Profile

JNT, inc. was founded by Jack N. Tedford, III in 1994.   The company was involved in business consulting, computer data processing, computer software development and sales, construction aggregate (gravel) sales, and was a Nevada licensed real estate broker. 

 The company is a merger of Tedford Business Systems established in 1978, Tedford Realty established in 1974 and Tedford Equipment established in 1972. 

In early 2010 the company split off the real estate business and the computer related business activities into a new company, JNT Solutions, LLC. 

JNT, inc. continues to own a 637 acre gravel pit property located on US 50 between Fallon and Silver Springs, Nevada.  The company is not currently operating the aggregate business but leases it property to contractors to produce aggregates and asphalt.  

This property is currently for sale or lease.  The corporate stock is also available for purchase.  For more information on this Lahontan property click on Lahontan Property.  

Contact Information

Telephone           (775) 298-2602
                         (775) 831-7444
Fax                      (775) 548-0079
Postal address     P.O. Box 7937, Incline Village, Nevada   89450-7937
Electronic mail   General Information  jntinc@jntinc.com
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